20 ways to cook an Nguni cow

Until recently I was a full-time multimedia reporter for a South African news website www.eNCA.com. A story about a Slow Food Movement event in Soweto. What an awesome day this was – the only thing was that I had to rush back to the office to file and I had no time to try any of the food! Next time I will go for fun.

SOWETO, 3 September 2016 – In a world with fast food chains on every street corner, convenience often takes precedence over healthy eating.

The international Slow Food movement encourages people to consume unprocessed food straight from local farmers and Johannesburg residents got to experience this for themselves on Saturday at the Soweto Theatre.

10 out of 20 Nguni cow dishes created by student chefs

Ten of the top chef schools in Johannesburg took part in the Soweto Eat In Competition, which saw them cooking an entire Nguni cow from nose to tail. Continue reading on eNCA.com

I also filed a story for television – eNCA DSTV 403. Watch below: 

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