KwaThema school goes green

Until recently I was a full-time multimedia reporter for a South African news website Here is one I did on World Environment Day in 2015. The story was about a community project run by Earthlife Africa in KwaThema, an informal settlement in Springs, east of Johannesburg. The project combined renewable energy and sustainable livelihoods, two key elements of reducing the impact of global warming. I told this story through the experience of one of the project’s community volunteers  – Alice Dladla.

SPRINGS, 5 June 2015 – Twenty-one years into democracy and Alice Dladla needs her two stoves; one is electric and the other uses coal.

The cost of using her electric stove is too high for this 60-year-old grandmother who lives on a monthly pension grant of R1,300.

The vegetable garden at Khangezile Primary school in Springs.

“The problem is, we use coal to make fire just because the situation forces us to; there is no other way,” she said.

As the global community marks World Environment Day on June 5, Dladla wears a paper mask to cover her mouth and nose to protect herself from the toxic fumes in her own home, caused by the coal stove. Continue reading on

I also filed a story for television – eNCA DSTV 403. Watch the report on

Pupils at Khangezile Primary school getting lunch as part of the school feeding programme. Vegetables from the garden are used in the daily meals.

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