Chocolate Mousse from scratch

The days of serving store-bought chocolate mousse for dessert at home are over! This is thanks to my dear friend Carla who showed me how to make a super indulgent mousse from scratch – and it was much easier than I thought.

Last week I posted the first blog in a new series – Cooking with Friends. Carla showed me how to make her dad’s famous Mozambican Crab Curry. The other dish she showed me is her mom Adelaide’s recipe for chocolate mousse.

Carla’s take on the recipe is slightly different as she doesn’t use sugar and prefers to use artisanal flavoured chocolate instead of dark Albany chocolate.

Your mousse is as good as the chocolate you use so choose carefully

We used a cardamom and coffee chocolate and it was amazing.

The stiffness of the mousse comes from stiff egg whites that are folded in right at the end.

The egg-whites stiffness test. They’re only stiff enough if they don’t fall out of the bowl when you hold it upside down

According to the website chocolate mousse originated in France as “mousse au chocolat” in the 18th century. Apparently this was after the Spanish introduced the French to chocolate in the 17th Century.

The world mousse means foam and the dish was given the name because of its foamy texture.

Melt chocolate in a double boiler on a low heat to get it super smooth

Thanks for sharing this fantastic recipe with me, can’t wait to make it again. The boxes of instant mousse are now banned from the kitchen for good!

Here is a video of the step-by-step method to make the mousse:


Recipe: Carla’s Chocolate Mousse


2 slabs chocolate (we used artisanal chocolate flavoured with cardamom and coffee)

5 eggs

½ teaspoon vanilla extract


Melt chocolate on a low heat in a double boiler

Set aside to cool once melted

Separate yolks and whites

Beat chocolate and egg yolks and add vanilla

Beat whites until stiff

Fold egg whites into chocolate mixture – use a spatula

Once mixed together pour into serving bowl

Leave in the fridge to set for 2-3 hours

Lasers – Amsterdam

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