Sunday morning at the strawberry farm

As much as I love to wake up slowly on the weekend, I will always choose getting up for an early morning mission to somewhere new, whenever the chance arises.

And a chance to pick our own, fresh, organic strawberries before the heat of the day was a great reason to get up early last Sunday morning.

We woke up at 6am and made our way out to the Tangaroa Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort dam.

Fields of strawberries, waiting to be picked

We arrived just before the farm opened at 7:30am and were the first ones in the field. It’s situated at the foot of the Magaliesburg and looking up from the farm you see the cliff faces of the mountains.

Organic strawberries are very special, they sometimes have a few little flaws like a small bite hole but the beautiful sweet and slightly acidic flavor makes up for the flaws.

The strawberry on the left is perfect, the one in the middle has been eaten by worms and insects and the one on the right is not ready yet. It’s cool to see the living plant in different stages of development.
My husband John
The strawberries start out as little white flowers

Besides the great taste strawberries also have great health benefits. According to these fruit are good for boosting the immune system, maintain normal blood pressure levels and lowering the risk of arthritis.

We spent about an hour crouching down in the beds filling our red containers with strawberries we picked ourselves. Of course we had to sample a few along the way.

After our picking session we had a simple farm breakfast at the farm restaurant. I can’t stop thinking about the creamy, thick strawberry milkshake I had which I’m sure has ruined all other strawberry milkshake experiences for years to come.

My thick, creamy fresh strawberry milkshake
Enjoying breakfast outside

It costs R70 per person to enter the field. You can eat as much as you like while in the field. You are given a small red bucket for picking and whatever you take home you pay for by weight.

Picking season is short so make sure to visit soon.

John (left) and my brother Brandon (right)
A sprinkler rainbow
Yay! Strawberries to take home
Families picking fruit in the strawberry fields
On the way home we stopped at Van Gaalen’s cheese farm which is on the same road as the Strawberry farm.

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